Opinions of Eddyline Sandpiper 130

Looking for opinions of anyone who has a Eddyline Sandpiper 130. I know its a fairly new boat. If you have one what do you think of it. Where have you taken it? Best uses for it.

The Sandpiper 130 is a recreational kayak. Rec kayaks are best paddled on calm inland waters or slow moving rivers.

Where would you prefer to paddle?

Paddled one for a few months. Stable as a rock and plays well in some light chop. Be sure to pick up a cockpit skirt from Eddyline or prepared to get some water in. My two biggest complaints are that it it’s sluggish as expected for such a wide beam boat. Nimble enough for bogs and tight creeks but be prepared to really dig in to make it move. Look for a high angle paddle or something like an Aquabound Eagle Ray (my favorite all around paddle for any boat ).
Second, I hated the seat. it’s uncomfortable and if you want to dial into your boat, forget about it. trying to brace via the thigh pads will make your hips sore.
It’s a good boat for its intended use- calm flatwater. Super stable and so easy to get in and out of. Humungous storage options for stowing gear.

Personally I find the seat really comfortable and love pulling up on a beach and having my own beach chair. I agree with Dbrieva about difficulty in dialing into your boat. I’ve mostly solved this by modifying my seat. Here are some pics.

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