Opinions on NEW Loon 138?


My husband and I are looking to buy our first kayaks. After trying many different types, we decided that Loon 138’s were the best all-around kayak for us. But in the time since we decided to buy and we were actually able to buy, they changed the design - a different seat and a more rounded cockpit. The cockpit is of some concern as we are both large paddlers - 200lbs+, and one of the things we liked about the 138 was how roomy it was. Unfortunately, there is no place we have found within hours of us that has 138’s in stock so we could try the new design.

Is there anyone here that has tried the new 138 (with the grey seat?) How different is it from the old design?


The seats are the best
Best seat in any kayak currently made. Especially if you are bigger, older, arthritic.

I have NEVER let my wife sit in my Old Town kayak yet. I would NEVER get it back if I did. I just tell her the boat is too big and heavy to paddle… Yes, I lied to her again.

I’m quite tall, 220#, and I found the
cockpit in the >old< Loon 138 rather ridiculously large. I think that you can easily refine your entry and exit technique to navigate the newer cockpit. Plus, if you decide to get a sprayskirt, the smaller cockpit will make it easier to manage.

The two main differences are the
smaller cockpit. Its more than likely as large as you will need, though. The other difference is, that as stated on the OT web site, its no longer available in Polylink 3, but in single layer poly only. Most ply kayaks are single layer anyway, so it shouldn’t make much difference. I was surprised to see the weight as stated is the same as the Polylink hull. Have to say, I’m a fan of the bigger cockpit on the pre-'06 boat, but that’s because I fish from mine and its more comfortable with all my gear.

Smaller which way?

Do you happen to know in what way it is smaller - length, width, or both?

have specs
Never mind, I answered my own question.

OLD: 18" x 55"

NEW: 17" x 43"

I don’t thin 1" width will make a difference for us, the big question will be if my husband minds losing all the legroom.

Different shape
If I recall correctly, the extra length of the old Loon 138’s cockpit was due to the fact that it came to a point in the front. You may find that the new one has more than adequate room because the cockpit opening is a more practical shape. It will be much easier to find a cover and spray skirt that actually fit right, too.

Shouldn’t be any loss of legroom.

Yea, that point is a pain sometimes
The only cover I’ve found is OT’s and last I looked, it wasn’t in stock. Its also difficult to put a work deck on for fishing.

Leg room is the same

Old Loon 120
We have an old Loon 120, which had a smaller cockpit that also came to a point. I ended up making a cockpit cover for it. The new design is a good thing.