Opinions on "New" Old Town Castine 145

Looking for a new kayak this coming spring. Want to expand my choices of water to paddle in. What are your impressions of the Castine 145 and its ability to be a versatile boat in all types of water?

Only thing that pops as a no-no for me is that seat back. It appears to stick above the rear coaming hence complicates a skirt. No skirt, no use offshore in salty stuff or on more challenging lakes with a good bit of fetch. But it could likely be replaced with a back band.

Thank you for the info

I’ve been paddling an Old Town Castine 140 since March. I canoed for years, but I am new to kayaking, so I don’t have much of a basis for comparison. My impression is that it is much sleeker, faster and more versatile than a rec kayak. It is very nimble and maneuverable, tracks well, seems very stable, and holds plenty of gear in the two holds. Great for short tours and day tripping. I use it mainly for flat water, small lakes and slow rivers. On the other hand it is not a 17-foot sea kayak, and the Castine probably seems sluggish and bulky in comparison. But again I have no experience with sea kayaks. If you intend to use this boat on big water or surf I would probably get additional advice, it may not be enough boat. The polyethylene is bomber, but mine weighs 53 lbs, and a 145 will be a few more than that. A Seals sprayskirt fits over the top of the seat on mine, so no problem there. Good luck!

Thank you very much for your insight on the Old town Castine 140. It’s good to hear from people who actually paddle these boats… Gets lots of advice not always from people who actually own the boats, but have other boats. Thank you