Opinions on new to me Bell Northstar

Sorry for the long post. I just picked up what I believe to be a year 2000, Bell Northstar. I am trying to determine the layup and what type of wood that was used in the thwarts and carry handles. There is a small chip in the bow that shows the fiber underneath that I want to fill if I can match the gell coat (looks like off white)

somewhat close. Also, the interior is green which I have never seen before. Did Bell ever build boats with green inside?


Picture of gell coat

I sold a green Northstar this year with a grey interior. The thwarts and seats were white ash.

This boat looks to have the standard colors reversed, probably by accident.
I kind of like it.

Probably what they called their “fiberlar” layup. A friend had a fiberlar Bell Rob Roy with a green interior like that.

Congrats, Northstars are special canoes, many consider them Bell’s best design and Ted Bell did indeed name his new company after it. I agree that it looks like the fiberlar lay-up. You could verify by weighing it. Thwarts and carry handles are ash. If you need replacements I think edscanoe.com sells Bell replacement parts. Your canoe looks to be in great shape.

Thanks all for the responses and info!