Opinions on Pacific Design Paddles?

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These paddles seem to get good buzz in the local paddling club (cpakayaker.com), but I’m curious because they are much less expensive then companies like Werner.

Any opinions on these?

If this is the paddle, avoid

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I bought one a year ago. It is not well made, it has poor paddle blade dynamics through the water (whirlpools and flutters) and looks like someone made it in their home shop with bent aluminum pipe and melted PVC for blades. I have stuck with Werner ever since a fellow paddler had one, and find them absolutely superb. I have the Shuna and the Camano bent shaft carbon. Stick with Werner for quality. Your group, CPA kayakers, must be into the bargain price more than the quality.. a group of paddling accountants might think like that.

The Pac Design paddle is three piece, so good if packing (but keep in mind, the middle section does not float so if you dismantle on water and drop it in, sinks). The three joints make for more play, and the thumb tab to lock the joints is rudimentary and likely will not last. The "shaft through blade design" that is touted on the website is not unique to PAc Designs, every good paddle has that contruction. My advice: put the money into a good quality Werner or other paddle of your choice. I did not bash the feedback on eBaym because they sent a paddle as described, it is me that did not do my homework, like you are dointg. I think TommyC1 on pnet may have bought one also.

I will sell you my Pac Design paddle for $80, which includes shipping in the continental USA, and I will be happy to get that much of my purchase price back. Email me. Lemme know if you wish to buy it. It is like new, used only a couple brief times.


pac designs paddle

i bought one and returned it - way too much flutter. i did like the light weight, but the design didn’t work for me. i use werner and lightning paddles now and am happy with both of them. good luck,



I posted a reply on the review thread
I actually enjoyed mine for mild paddles. However, I busted both blades back in a river section that was too bony for the paddle. In all fairness to the manufacturer, he specifically informed me BEFORE I purchased that he couldn’t warranty it for the uses I intended, which is about as fair as I think you ask for. He explained the risks and I took them eyes open.

That said, I’ll be replacing the blades and using the paddle as a spare on deeper water. I wanted something light-weight that I could use one-handed and adjust the length for quick paddling or slow liesurely paddling. I came up with a design, and Pacific Designs built it. I got everything I wanted, except the strength for “bony” water, which was a risk explicitly explained to me.

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