Opinions on Placid's Wildfire wanted

I am just doing some research and have remained intrigued with Yost designed boats. Therefore, as a light wilderness tripper for a 6’4" 220 pound man are there any opinions out there on the this boat?


Brammy (Bob B.)

WildFire – superb boat
I had a WildFire for 11 years (a WhiteGold model from Bell, made from the same mold that Placid now has). Loved the boat. At 6’0" and 210 pounds, I never had a capacity problem with this canoe (though I also tend to pack light).

I ran whitewater up to class 3, paddled in strong winds, and hauled over many a beaver dam – never had a problem with the shape or strength of the WildFire. It’s a nimble, seaworthy boat.

I replaced the WildFire with a RapidFire from Placid because I wanted more speed. Not that the WildFire was all that slow, but the RapidFire is definitely faster (but less nimble).

I am happy to sell you more on the WildFire if you have questions. I don’t have any financial interest in your buying, believe it or not :slight_smile:

– Mark

I agree with Mark. I bought a Wildfire W&G in the old days when Bell was still still only gluing foam blocks in the stems instead of inclosing the floatation. I’ve had a great time paddling it. If I desire to cover long distances fast, I choose another design, again agreeing that the Wildfire is not slow but trades off some speed for a bit of maneuverability. I think of it as more of a river tripper or cruiser rather than a big lakes hull.

Bottom line, I love the Wildfire. It’s a great all around hull and I’m glad to see the mold with CE Wilson.


is a great all around hull…not fast, not slow, very manueverable and at 250 I can still take gear and have no problem. If you plan all lake travel there are faster hulls, but should you get into rough,wind driven water on those lakes it will be dry and stable. Guess it all depends on where you are going and the type of water you will encounter. Great moving water hull. It was originally designed by DY for a wilderness river trip.

Go to product review, look up Bell WildFire. Same designer, same mold. Placid has a somewhat lighter, stronger hull due to infusion technology, and upgraded trim due to cherry and Dymondwood or CobraSox.