opinions on rhino rack t-loader

Does anyone have a Rhino Rack T-loader? My Wrangler has already a smittybilt hitch, and it looks like this Rhino Rack kayak carrier is a good option. I like it because it can be tilted forward away from a vehicle for easier loading and unloading. Thanks for any thoughts.

I don’t have one but judging by the pictures on the Rhino website you have to lift the end of your boat as high as the roof of your vehicle before using it. While it probably does increase the ease of the first two feet or so of sliding your boat up, you could use a bathtub pad on the back of your vehicle at less expense and weight.

I have used one for over a year. I’m a 5’5" female who drives a Toyota 4-Runner with a Yakima roof rack. I load my kayak by myself and the T-loader is very helpful. When it’s tilted away from the SUV, it decreases the height that I have to lift the nose of the kayak by about a half. This makes it much easier for me to load my kayak.

Thanks for the inputs. I just ordered a Rhino Rack T-loader.