anyone have an opinion on the cobra kayak fish n dive? I think this is the boat i want. I have the reviews on this site, just looking for other opinions.

My opinion is you will get more hits
if you put something specific in your subject line. Maybe this snide comment will touch off a burst of relevant commentary.

While a few paddle SOT kayaks,
the Cobra Fish n Dive is specific to its name. Its a great fishing and diving platform, not exactly a paddlers dream and not many here are into fishing kayaks. For more and better information, go to kayakfishingstuff.com and texaskayakfisherman.com. On both sites, you’ll find existing threads with loads of information about the F n D or you can ask away and you’ll get tens of responses from people who use F n D’s for the intended purpose.

If you are into paddling, not fishing or
diving, you may want to look at other SOT models. The best thing about the F n D is its stability, but that is no aid to paddling. While not a slug, other kayaks are much beter for paddling and will fit a big guy if that’s the issue. Look at the Wilderness System Ride, of example.