Optimus crux stove???

Anyone have any experience with this? I will receive one in a few days as a gift. I am excited to get it, just wondering if anyone out there has used one yet.


one of my favourite stoves
and I had my good share of stoves.

Having worked at REI I have tried just about all the stoves out there but ended up owning a Crux.

It is extremely compact and much better heat distribution than the Pocket Rocket (after warping one of my pots I returned it!).

The Crux is however not for the futzer.

If you are clumsy and tend to tip over things you will find the Crux a bit light on stability.

Also you can’t cook with a heavy/large pot but it’s OK for light camping situations.

It is my stove of choice if I want to go light.

To increase the efficiency especially when windy, get a light aluminium shield that you might want to prop on rocks or sticks to shield flame/pot.

Make sure you leave a gap at the bottom where the canister is or you might heat up the gas too much.

I use my Crux with Titanium pots and the stove sits neatly inside with the gas canister.

For times where weight/bulk is not an issue I use a larger stove that is separate from the canister and is much more stable.

Great Stove
I have used mine for six years-great stove. You do have to be careful about tipping a pot over. Make sure the gas canister is sitting firm and level.