OptioWP "Crashing"

-- Last Updated: Nov-11-05 12:21 PM EST --

As I sit here during my 17th minute on hold with Butterfly Photo (never answered my email 3 days ago), I thought I'd check with you all.

On several occasions my camera has locked up. There is not a common event that has caused it. The most recurrent trigger has been hitting the green button to display the descriptions of the preset modes. Other times I have no idea what the trigger is. All but one time, I was able to turn the camera off after holding down the power button and hitting the shutter release. The other time (of course, while on but not in the water) I had to open the camera up and remove the battery to reboot.

Anyone else have a similar issue? Got to say that I'm not too impressed with my now 20 minute wait with butterfly photo. Sort of wishing I hit a brick and mortar store at the moment.


Follow up: Butterfly picked up after 25 minutes, told me to call Pentax. Called Pentax and was told my wait time was "less than 2 minutes" Three minutes later I was told my wait time was "greater than 15 minutes." What a lovely way to spend my day off... at least I paddled before calling.

No problems here…
Sorry to hear about your less than stellar experience with the Optio and Butterfly… I’ve had no problems with mine… and butterfly must be suffering from recent success or something…

Good luck… I think Pentax is also marketing this on H2OCamera.com so you might find better cutsomer service direct from there???

Hope it works out… great little camera provided it doesn’t lock up.


similar experience w/ mine.

My first one leaked and was replaced after a 10 week (mid-summer) wait.

I’m waiting till the warranty (no fault/ extended) is just about up then taking it back.

it does shoot some outstanding pics if you can get used to the funky viewfinder (or lack of)


Happens with mine, too. I had a memory card go bad in it and am waiting for that to be replaced. I was hoping that that was the problem but I guess maybe I had two problems.

Everytime it has happened it has been while paddling. I turn on the camera, set it down on the spray deck while I paddle into position for a picture, and when I pick it up it is frozen. I either have to put it away and wait for it to turn itself off or pull the battery like previously mentioned.

It didn’t happen often so I figured I was doing something wrong.

I’ll be very interested to see what Pentax has to say.

So far…
no problema with my Pentax WP…

good luck…


Colorado Bound
I’ve got to send the camera to Colorado for service. Bad news no on the water pics, good news, have not given my old digital to my sister yet so I still have capability to take pics.

One nice thing about not having a camera is that I can enjoy what I’m seeing rather than worrying about taking pictures. Stupid osprey knew that he was sitting pretty well lit and so flew off the second I pulled the camera out… if I didn’t have the camera I’d have enjoyed that moment more.


Another yep.
Last weekend, same deal. I was attempting to get a stalked shot of ducks exploding from the reeds riverside, and turned the camera on while in my pfd pocket. A muskrat swam towards my boat, and I pulled out the camera to shoot when he was a foot away. Locked solid. The 'rat dove with a warning splash, startling every duck in the area into flight. I was cursing and pushing buttons like mad, but ended up removing the battery to get it to respond at all.

Same type of scenario
I wonder if having the lens covered while it is turned on is relevant. When I turn it on and set it on my spray deck it is face down when it freezes up.

Is this similar to anyone else’s experience, besides magoo_ns?

Not just covered up
I’m not sure that it has been covered up when it locked up for me. I’m sure that most times it was not.

Not sure if it’s good or bad that I’m not alone. Misery loves company but I’d rather be happy alone (on the water with cooperative wildlife and a well behaved camera.)

Now why didn’t this thread come up before I bought the OptioWP? I do like the camera when it works but wish I could trust it more. Hopefully the repair will be effective and quick.


mine seems to freeze on a whim. sometimes I am just ready to shoot and wham-o it locks.

friggin’ electronics.

can’t live with 'em

CAN actually live without 'em.


Let us know
how long it takes for repairs and if it is successful, okay?

I don’t want to send mine in right now because I probably wouldn’t have it back in time for a trip of a lifetime that my husband and I are taking in 2 months. Taking a backup camera though.

I’ve had the same problem. Mine seems
to be pretty random when it happens. I’d be interested in hearing what Pentax has to say.

Will do
I’ll either post something good or bad about Pentax. The did promise it back by Christmas if I mail it by the 18th. Since I didn’t give away my other camera yet timing isn’t that critical for me. Like I said before, sometimes it is nice to not worry about the damn camera and enjoy just being out there.


Olympus Stylus 600
Take a look at the Olympus Stylus camera line. While not waterproof they are water resistant. A metal cover protects the lens. I have not hear of any problems with the Olympus cameras. FishHawk

Glad this was posted
I’ve been aiming to get a WP, but after all this commentary, I might look elsewhere. That’s not exactly an inexpensive point and shoot camera.

6 months of paddling & shooting with WP
I have been using Pentax Optio WP quite intensively during my paddling and other oudoor activitities (biking, inline skating) for more than 6 months now. I’ve experienced two cases of the “frozen” camera. Each time it happend when I put the camera without turning off to the pouch attached to my pfd and the only solution was to disconnect the battery. Otherwise, I haven’t had any problems with this camera.

The camera has met and exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t take any other camera to Texas Water Safari. I really needed a waterproof camera with the size of a power bar.

Most of the pictures on my paddling web pages shot after April 2005 are produced with Pentax Optio WP:




Hopefully, the technical problems are solved in the new version WPi, but I am not shopping for the new camera yet.

Only happened once
…And like mountainwayfarer, I too turned it on and stashed it, something the camera may be objecting to. I’m still very happy with it.

I’m happy, too.
I’ve emailed Pentax regarding the “freezing” problem and its apparent wide-spread occurrence. I’ll let everyone know what I find out.

WP 5 Meg, WPi 6 meg, or both?
Anyone having this issue with the WPi?

no problem with the wpi

I have the new 6mp wpi and have not had any issues yet. (fingers crossed).