Or....One Tuff Truck Rack...

Regarding previous post about Castle Craft truck racks…these are also sold by Spring Creek Outfitters under the name of One Tuff Truck Rack


So, how about it, anyone familiar with this product?

Nope. My Yakima Sportsman is
really stout though. The Rack Warehouse has good prices and free shipping.

not familiar
But it looks costly, thats $530 for 2 racks. I just use my bed and a truck extender rack that I bought off of ebay for $70.

I’ve seen it. One of the kayak dealers
here has one on his truck. For looks, its better than most racks. It appears to be stable, but its expensive.

I have had my Thule since 1985 and it
has never failed me, even though I continually overload it and often piled windsurfers four high at 75mph. Now it holds four kayaks at 80mph.

I think the Thule and Yakima racks are two tough racks. Tough enough.JMO

I have one …
and love it. It is on the pricey side. I bought 2 of them for my truck. You could buy just one and put another type single bar rack on your roof of your truck and do it that way. It’s solid, goes on easy. I’ve taken it off and on several times and takes me about 15 minutes for the two if I’m taking my time. I’ve had 2 canoes on it and could most likely fit 3 side by side depending on the canoe size. I like the adjustability of it and can fit it on most other trucks. Hope this helps.

U.S. Racks
We bought one from U.S. Racks that fits in the stake pockets which works better for us because of the tool box that is behind the cab. I think the price was 399.00 shipping included. Rated for 500 lbs