Orbix hatch seals

There must be a better way to repair “Orbix” (style) hatch seals. The original seals are often foam, and are simply horrid! Have you tried some other form of seal material with any success? Replacement neopreme hatch covers are often offered. Are they worth the cost, because it seems that they would not fit the original hatch configuration?

My Necky has neoprene covers, backed

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up with molded poly top covers that are strapped on.

Neoprene covers do have a small range over which they are effective. Whoever is offering you neoprene replacement covers should be clear about the size/shape of your hatches, and should be prepared to take the neoprene covers back if they don't fit.

Do you have hard strapped-on covers that go *over* the Orbix foam? If so, do those hard covers exert a good, even pressure? That would make it more likely that neoprene replacements would work.

Pardon me if I'm not visualizing the Orbitz configuration properly.

thats a tough one
I agree that foam gasket under the orbix lid is terrible. However, they tend to put those Orbix covers on rec or fishing boats that wouldn’t be used in rough conditions or spend much time upside down (rolling/rescue practice).

If you are getting much water in the hatch during regular use. I’d suspect the caulking on the bulkhead to be the culprit. Sometimes even brand new plastic boats have super leaky bulkheads.

ORBIX Oval Gasket Alternative

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I replaced the stock 1/4" x 1/2" foam strip on the old style 2009-2014 ORBIX oval hatch with ACE item 5395512: EPDM M-Profile Extreme Climate Rubber Tape 5/16" x 19/32". A nearly perfect fit. I peeled off the adhesive cover film and dusted the gasket with powder to kill the tacky adhesive. Then installed the original adhesive side in and trimmed to fit. Result: unlike the stock gasket no leaks under a heavy spray test.