Orcas and kyackers

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I love this, what a beautiful experience! Beautifully terrifying I’m sure but beautiful non the less. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, I shared generously. What an experience. Lyn

Cool video
My better half and I have both paddled around and with many different species. She even had a Beluga decide it would be cool to hang out under her kayak and blow bubbles.

It’s only scary the first couple of times, and then you realize that the whales know what you are, and have no interest in harming you.

VERY cool experience. I wish my encounters with Orcas were close up like in the video. I’ve only gotten within 100 yards or so of Orcas.

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You are among the fortunate few to have seen Orcas from any distance. The paddlers in this vid must have been stoked to say the least.