Orcas Island overnight parking

Hi all. My wife and I are planning a three-day kayak tour to Sucia from Orcas. Several years ago, we launched from the small beach on North Beach Road, but we’re reading now that overnight parking is hard to find.

Would it make sense to park at the airport and shuttle/hitch back?


Oh man, I’m just across the way in Anacortes so I feel like I should have an answer for you but don’t. I just tried to look up parking at the airport (the bustling hub that it is) and came up empty.

three days?
I can’t comment much on the parking, but some details might be helpful. Are you planning to rent kayaks on Orcas, or do you have your own?

I guess you already know that Sucia isn’t that far from Orcas, so is this primarily a camping thing?


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Yes, we're on our own with our own boats. Camping on Sucia, a day trip to Patos, then back to Orcas. Looks like Brandt's marina is 1/4 mile from the public beach: gated parking, $15/day. When we visited before I think we found parking on a side road, so we'll just show up with those two options in mind.

call Brandt’s

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reserve a space. credit card.

There is emergency overnight parking ... but where ? and this is with you and PPK in the car/RV.

Leaving the car unattended is risky.

If Brandt's is off your departure point then search for a kayak capable taxi.

Google Map
Looking at the satellite view, I would say that Data’s advice is right on. It appears that Brandts has quite a bit of parking area.