Ordering QCC-----best material ?

I have a lot of mixed info about the best material for a QCC 400 or 500. I am relatively new to the sport and use my boat for day trips. I do not paddle in rocks. I am looking for long-term durability and lite weight. Fiberglass seems strong, durable and cheap, but a little heavy.

From things I’ve read I am concerned about the toughness/longevity of the kevlar or carbon/kevlar hulls, but their weights are attractive-----I’m confused. Any experiences with these materials is appreciated.

I’ve got a carbon/kevlar 600
I’ve had it for maybe 7 years. As you’ve been told, QCC makes a very good product and I am totally happy.

how much of an issue is weight?
I was quite happy with my glass Q600. Plenty durable and not terribly expensive. Probably one of the least flawed composite boats I’ve seen. I only sold it because I needed the money for a new sprint boat. If I ever start touring again, I wouldn’t hesitate to be save a dollar or two and buy a fiberglass boat from QCC. If money was no worry I’d go carbon over kevlar but with money a concern, a quality glass layup wins for me for touring. I’d only go kevlar if carbon was too expensive and I really needed to save the weight.

go for the glass
unless money is no object then get the carbon/kevlar, oh wait, the kevlar, no the carbon/kevlar, the glass, the kevlar. Oh heck I don’t know.

I got a glass 400 without rudder or skeg as a nice low cost high quality spare boat for friends with the intention I’d add a rudder eventually. What surprised me was how light it was when I went to pick it up.

I got a boat as light as a kevlar boat but cheaper than a glass boat with a rudder!

yeah, get the carbon/kevlar one. If you’re going to break anything on it you’d probably break something on the glass or kevlar boat and this way you’d really feel like you got something fancy.