oregon 400 gps?

Anyone have a oregon 400 model gps. I am planning on getting a gps and this one caught my eye, I am open to options though.

Garmin GPSMap 76
I am a big advocate of the Garmin GPSMap 76. While the Oregon can do everything the Map 76 can and more, the Map 76 is a heckuva lot cheaper.

I consider it the best balance of feature and cost: not too expensive, yet it does topo/charts, tidetables, waterproof, and floats.

There’s no arguing that the Oregon is a lot sexier, though.


I will check that one out.

oregon gps
hi …i was reading some reviews on GPS’ in general and there was something about the oregon format that was not very well suited to hiking purposes …sorry I forget what it was …Seems ( i think) the oregon did not display some much needed , useful info when hiking …best to do a google search on reviews about it …if i can find them …i’ll repost to this thread. Myself …I’m going to get a Rino model for hiking purposes.

Build yer own GPS

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Ah' did! Call it de Joisey P140.


Contact Andy_S since he be me sales rep.

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