Oregon coast, late June or July

Jen has an excess of PTO (personal time off) accumulated from her job, needs to burn some off. One way, we thought, would be to take a week and hit the Oregon coast for a dual sport vacation of paddling and road biking. Will probably try something new: a hotel. I hear they have big beds, hot showers and everything. Probably scout out campgrounds along the way for future reference.

Looking for some cliff side, rock garden sort of coast line. May or may not bring a ww boat for surf.

Any suggestions or can’t miss destinations?

Thanks in advance.


June is damp, July is Iffy Augest is dry
Check out the state parks for camping. They provide fire wood and a hot showers for the price of admission. Two favorates as a kid were Coos Bay on the coast and Detroit Lake inland.

Gold Beach is worth a stop. Very dramatic scenery

photos and references
Jonathan Walpole has a great photo gallery, including several locations along the Oregon Coast. http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~walpole/kayaking.html

Scroll down the page

You might want to also post on the Portland local board, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PDXseakayaker/messages Jonathan is a regular there, as well as flatpick, and lots of other very knowlegeable people.

I’m not experienced enough to give you good firsthand advice.


Paul S.

Paul knows!

anywhere you go will be nice. State parks fill up FAST, most full on weekends already. lots of motel/hotels.

Jon’s sight shows it all in full glory.

best is either way south- Coos, Bandon or Boardman SP area or mid-north- Cannon beach to Cape Lookout. Cascade head N of Lincoln City is nice too.

The Pacific can go from Class II to VI in a hurry, even in summer. be careful.


I like the Cape Blanco SP south
of Coos Bay. Visit the Hugh’s house if you go. It’s an historical house built at the turn of the last century. If the wind gods are being nice, paddle the New River located in the same area.

Shellbacks website??
Jon Walpoles site looks like the one i’ve previously seen as the Shellback paddling club site. i can’t find it anymore, is it still up and running? i only found it from this forum, but looked very interesting. now that i live on the west coast, i’d like to head down to Oregon way and paddle with some of these folks, it looks unbelievable there.

The SB’s have taken a break and are re-organizing into a bit less of a structured group than some of the previous members wanted. a good thing!

Jon isn’t a member anymore.


Excellent information, thanks all
Note to self; bring helmets.

Exactly what we were looking for, thanks a lot.

Fabulous photos.