Oregon Coast - Local Knowledge Anyone?

I will be in Lincoln City, Oregon next week. Looking to do a little surfing or surf play on a beach break and wondering if anyone out there can provide recommendations on where to go. It looks like the conditions will be pretty mild based on current forecasts. This will be in a composite sea kayak - not looking for rock gardening. Thanks for any help!

PDXseakayaker Yahoo Group
Consider the PDXseakayaker Yahoo Group.

Also, try connecting through Alder Creek (aldercreek.com)

Astoria Dave hangs out at westcoastpaddler.com. It’s a Canadian site but if you post there Dave will see it.



Surfline and Wanna surf



You’ve probably already seen this …. doesn’t sound great.

PadNet Go Paddling
see launch sites map then transfer names into Google Images.

For example: http://goo.gl/4aG75c

Driving thru 4-5 times, was always too windy for my skills or drenched in Chinese lumber yacht diesel fuel.

If you’re really intent on surfing at Lincoln City, there is parking at the D River and at the south end by Siletz Bay. Personally, I would be very cautious about trying to go out through that outlet. The north end around Dory Cove might be slightly easier through the surf if the wind is from the north, but the parking might be a problem. My best suggestion would be to go on up to Pacific City; the surf there is usually much more manageable and there is a very good chance that other kayakers will be there.

Thanks for the advice on Pacific City, looks to be only about 30 min. from Lincoln City. If I headed up there, is there a place you suggest to park and put in?

pacific city
You can put in at the beach at haystack rock and paddle out around the point assuming you have the requisite skills. The shore break there can be good if it’s too big outside. I’ve only been in there in late fall when it’s BIG.

The outlets to the bays such as Netarts can be good but also very treacherous on an ebb current and incoming swell. Read an incident report here:


Pacific City parking
Yes, the parking is right next to the beach where you launch and it’s free.

Be safe.

Thanks for the info!
I went out to Pacific City today. Conditions were very mild, no wind, swell forecast was 2 - 3 ft. @ 10s. I stayed away from the board surfers, they were crowded around the few consistent small spilling waves that were breaking. I paddled around haystack rock, caught a few waves although it was pretty flat, and enjoyed a great day on the water. It’d be fun to return on a bigger day, nice spot. Thanks for the advice.