Oregon paddling advice needed

We will be going to Oregon at the end of the week. We have solo canoes and would like to know some paddling destinations around Grant’s Pass and over near the coast in Southern Oregon.

Our last time there, we camped at Ten Mile Lakes and loved it! We also paddled one evening in Coquille which is evidently tidal, but was up and very nice when we went out.

Stuff like that is what we would like to know about. Nothing too hairy, but some more gentle river paddling would be great. We can do a bicycle shuttle so about fifteen miles or so makes a full day.

Thanks, Chuey Canoey

There is a long loop on the lower
Umpqua that has only about a 2 mile shuttle. It is covered in the Soggy Sneakers Guide. Farther down, the lower Umpqua has interesting rock formations that stick out of the water, more so at low water. The lower Umpqua is generally easy and has either pastoral or forested banks.

thank you
I will try to find that river and the Soggy Sneaker Guide. I LOVE rock formations and such. That is what we pretty much don’t have in So Cal.

Chuey Canoey

You can try the Chetco river by
Brookings. You can camp at the state park and then go upstream about nine miles for the put-in. It’s a nice paddle and very scenic. Afternoon winds might give you problems. If you have a bike you can ride that back to the put-in to complete the shuttle.

There is the New River up around Cape Blanco State Park. It’s just off the coast and a great paddle. Lots of little bays to explore. Wind can be a problem since it’s just off the coast. The Cape Blanco park is very nice with gorgeous views of the ocean. There is a lake with a park with a stream that empties into the New River. I was thinking it would be a fun paddle. The stream didn’t have much current so it would be an easy paddle back up stream. It’s something I would like to try.

The Applegate Lake is a nice. You can drive up in the mountains a little further (5 miles) and find a nice secluded small lake with a campground. Good mountain biking around the lake.

Of course there is the Rogue. There are many put-ins. You can put-in at Grants Pass and float to Griffin Park or to Indian Mary Park.

Make sure you visit Ashland just across the border. It has three theaters running most of the year. Good mountain biking in the area.