oregon paddling

im moving to salem oregon from upstate new york this summer, and am trying to find out where there is some flat water canoeing, cant seam to find to much info? looking for quiet wilderness type stuff, portages are fine with me. any advice would be helpfull.

abbey, east of salem is detroit lake. also, there are numerous cascade lakes to paddle including waldo, sparks, etc. not all are large lakes but a few are good enough where you can paddle to the other side and camp. don’t overlook the numerous coastal rivers and lakes as well. the biggest problem out here, especially summer, is wind. also, contact alder creek in portland or oregon river sports in eugene. it seems kayaks are bit more popular out here but i favor a canoe. buy a delorme map or any of the national forest maps and youu will find the lakes. also, there are a couple of books… “oregon’s quiet waters” and there’s another dealing with paddling in the northwest oregon. hope this helps.

Wonderful paddling in Oregon

Some of these links will help out. Unlike you, I moved from Oregon to Chicago and really miss the paddling venues.


This link is to Philip Jone’s book on paddling Oregon. It’s considered by the locals to be the paddling bible.

Enjoy Salem!


oregon paddling
thanks for the info, sounds like the canoing is a lot diffrent then in upstate ny but plenty of places to go