Oregon Scientific Weather Radio

…, any input? I’m going to be spending a lot more time out of town this year and thought it might be a good investment. Looking at it on REI for $60.

have you been out on the water yet?

No but

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I'm gearing up for it. Can't wait to get that NC out and really check it out. How 'bout you?

oh yea…
more than a half dozen times already. But, I’ve been out in a canoe I bought from N.T. over the winter. It’s pretty cool…but my first love is my kayak. I’ll be out tomorrow too…I have a school function today or I’d be gone now. It’s pretty cool to see your regular paddlin haunts season to season… with all the leaves down, I’m noticeing stuff I never saw before. get that boat wet…soon… I’m game for West Branch…

Hey Rick
If this is the item: Oregon Scientific Portable S.A.M.E. Weather Radio $60.00 Item 710720, then My shop sold this when I still worked there. We could never keep them in stock, there was always someone waiting for the new ones to come in. The functions work well. It not only will set of an alarm when a weather alert goes out, it has two daily alarms you can set daily. This newer version is a little smaller than the version I own, but it still is a little big, but if you’re paddling with it, than no worries. In the 2.5 years we sold this (probably 200 units). We never had one come back for now working or breaking. Sometimes they came back because the purchaser thought it was a two way radio.

If you have any other questions, let me know.


Thanks, Meat

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That's the one I am looking at. Can you tell me if it is waterproof? I have looked on the OS site at the same unit and it doesn't say.

I noticed tonight
that West Branch is all open. What a difference a couple days make. I’m going to try to get out there tomorrow before the weather comes in.

I have the older version…
and while it’s water-resistant, and can handle snow and rain well, I’m sure that mine is not immersion-proof. It has a small rubber gasket on the baterry door, but my experience is that those tinly little gaskets don’t work well. This new version may be better, but like you, I haven’t found any literature that says it waterproof nor submersible. I’ll tell you that when an instrument is trully submersible, the company advertises it. My guess is that its tough enough to handle the snow and rain, but you don’t want to drop it in the drink. My best advice is to call the company and ask a rep, even when I worked at the store, we never had all the information on some of this companies products.


noaa weather radio

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i suggest the NOAA weather radio found at most marine supply and hiking supply stores. you should be able to find em for $20. takes 3AAA
the wweather band on my walkman was worthless but i was always to get weather on the noaa.
kept mine in a freezer ziploc in a drybag

Consider a VHF Marine Handheld…
For a few bucks more you can get a VHF marine radio that also monitors/alerts all NOAA weather channels.

In an emergency you’ll be able to radio for help.

Last year I got the excellent ultra compact waterproof Uniden Voyager for $152 on sale. Highly recommended!



Lots of folks like a seperate
weather radio. That way you are not burning up the VHF batteries on recieving weather reports.

The cheaper ones do not have the s.a.m.e. feature. Me, on a multi day trip I’ carry my old cheap one in a aquapac or similar. Love to have the s.a.m.e. one but do not seem to need it so it is not at the top of my list. Multi day trips are still a year away for me. (Must not get divorced! :wink: )

Yeah, I’m thinking…,
though it would be nice to have it all in one package, having separate units might be more ‘fail safe.’ If it gets lost or malfunctions, you still have some of your safety gear left. Learning to ‘read’ the weather trend is probably all you need in a lot of inshore situations along with a compass, GPS and cellphone should meet my needs right now. But I’m also thinking ahead to when I may be paddling Great Lakes and Ponchartrain in LA. Thanks all.

VHF v. Weather Radio
VHF typically have a greater range than the Oregon Scientific Weather Radio.This was never an issue for us until we took a paddling trip to Isle Royale (Lake Superior) and discovered that we were outside of the range of the weather radio, while our VHF received weather from 3 or 4 different stations. Something to consider if you are planning similar trips.

Waste of money
While their base station radio has some utility, the handheld version is largely useless. The reception is quite poor unless you live right next to the transmitter.

Rather than waste money on a “one trick pony”, invest in a marine VHF, which will give you better weather reception and serious communication capabilities.

Uniden Voyagers
Someone has posted 4 Uniden Voyagers on eBay “Buy-it-now” for $125. I got one, and it’s on it’s way. Best price I’ve seen.