Oregon Scientific

ATC3K Waterproof Action Cam

Anyone have one?

What do you think?

Worth 149 bucks or no?

4GB with an SD card - How much time?


I have a review online
I did a review where I compared it to my Pentax Option W20. Posted results online:


Some additional comments:

  • maybe they have upgraded it, but when I got mine last year, I thought the memory card was limited to 2 gig. 2gig at the highest resolution gives you 1 hour.

    – I think you should be able to find it for a better price than $150 on Amazon.com


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I just clicked the link I have in my review (which goes to the Amazon page for the camera) and found they now have them there for $90 with free shipping.

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Oops, my bad. Didn't notice you were looking at a 3K, not a 2K. Amazon has the 3K for $130.

From the description, it sounds like a 2K, but allowing for up to 4gig of memory. It is the same video size and frame rate, so I would expect 2 hours out of 4 gig.

I have the 2K
I have the 2K. I like the clip quality, but the sound sucks, so I usually overlay with music.

Here is a clip from last summer taken with it. The OS clips start about a minute in. The youtube tranfser loses some of the quality. The actual clip is really much better.


I have a 2 gig card in mine and get about an hour at 30fps.

I have the camera mounted on my whitewater helmet with the rubber strap (included) I also have a mounting clip screwed to the top of my mountain bike helmet.

Good Luck,


price drop in near future

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I just noticed that they are about to come out with a ATC-5K model, which will have a small LCD screen. When this comes out, it may drop the price on the other models a bit.

price drop in near future

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