Oregon Sea Kayakers?

Hi there everyone. I had the opportunity to meet some paddlers from Portland two summers ago, they were kayakers on a trip that I was guiding here in Newfoundland. They have come back twice since to do some paddling. They are novice paddlers and have never sat in a kayak before coming to Newfoundland. Now with invites and a place to stay in Oregon, I was hoping to speak with some paddlers from the area who can recommend some areas for sea kayaking. Thanks in advance…I look forward to speaking with any paddlers who have spent time in the area. Thanks once again.

oregon was one of my favorite paddling areas on my recent 6-month paddle trip from St. Louis to the Pacific. The Columbia was awesome but the most beautiful section was from The Dalles to the Ocean. The last few days below Portland was awesome. Saw several sea lions miles from the Ocean. I too met a bunch of Oregon Paddlers. They have a club called “oops” which stands for Oregon Ocean Paddling Society. They have a web site and im sure their members could help out more than i am.

Thanks, I appreciate the help, I’ll be
sure to check out that site. I’d like to find an area of paddling dominated with cliff’s, sea stacks…and of course the beaches for camping and takeout points!