Oregon Sea Kayaking Trip - Can't Bring my Own Kayak

Hi All,

I’m an experienced sea kayaker (New England) who has the opportunity to travel to Oregon this summer (Portland area).

I’d like to travel over to the coast and get in some long 20+ miler trips, but I cannot drive my kayak across country - have to fly.

Does anybody know of any places out there that would rent decent sea kayaks for multi-day long trips without guides? Also - has anyone done this?

I’m stuck on how I would even rent something for multiple days and transport it with a rental car. Unless I went from kayak company to kayak company who happens to be coastal - but not a lot of places rent (at least where I am) for long days unguided because of how dangerous it is.

I will be bringing my own gear, at least.


Try Alder Creek: https://aldercreek.com/gear-rentals/

Alder Creek can probably set you up. If you are certified by ACA or BCU it would be easier for them to know you are qualified to safely take a boat away. Coastal paddling in OR can be pretty aggressive conditions. And cold water - dry suit is the norm all year.

Columbia River offers decent paddle opportunities right outside your door. In summer, the water can be quite warm (in 70s). Islands are pretty much all open camping until you get down near Astoria. Once you are outsdie of Portland itself, it is pretty rural paddling.

On transporting, you might want to bring some bow hood loops (like https://amzn.to/2vcnlYb), bow line, and some of the foam block roof mounts and straps (like https://amzn.to/2H04SDB). Trick I have seen is to strap the foam blocks on to boat and then move the boat w/ blocks on to roof and strap the whole set down.

Awesome thanks so much for your help!

Alder Creek also has rental places right on the water so you wouldn’t have to haul a boat. There are a couple of other places to check with too–Portland Kayak Co. and Next Adventure Paddle shop. Next Adventure also has a place near St. Helens, OR where they rent kayaks. This is also on the water, so no hauling.

I don’t think a lot of paddlers head out into the Pacific Ocean for a twenty mile jaunt, but there are some spots where paddlers go, like Pacific City, the Nehalem River area, Lincoln City, Newport, Tillamook Bay, Cannon Beach and Seaside. The ocean can be somewhat bumpy most of the time and not the best place to be in a tiny boat by yourself. That’s not to say that there aren’t those who do it, but it would be wise to pick the right conditions and know that changes can happen quickly.

If you’re craving waves, the Columbia River has some of the best you can find. Hood River on the Columbia above Bonneville gets as rough as anywhere at times. Also, Kalama Washington offers nice surfing waves in the summer–especially when the wind is from the north and the tide is running out.

You could rent a kayak at Alder Creek’s facility at Ridgefield WA and paddle down to the Columbia (not very far) and there is plenty of exploring to do. The same goes for Next Adventure’s shop at Scappoose Bay. You can choose the Columbia, or Multnomah Channel.