Oregon ?

reports for

http://goo.gl/k2SDBX ?

western area of the Black Rock Desert/Sheldon Antelope quake zone

way down upon the Chewaucan
far far from home

you better believe it…


discharge ?


Not gonna click your linky.
But I think you mean Nevada.

Black Rock Desert and surrounding area has always had it’s share of seismic activity. What’s the deal now? (If you can do it without links to a search engine).

Awesome country there, BTW. Desolate and beautiful.

Local noise

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suggested Jackel had canoed the area.

I was looking for a ecological transition area between California and the Great North West.

Possible comment in that direction.

the Sprague, Lakeview and the Black Rock Desert are generally in that seismic area.


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Its not a commie plot.