Organizing A Paddle Club?

Our Eastern NC Pam-Tar River advocacy group is planning to organize an ACA Paddle America Club within our organization to promote paddle sports and environmental education. We have started by sponsoring an annual Kayakalon (a triathalon using yaks instead of swimming). Anyone know of a good book/other souce on best practices/challenges in putting one together? Thanks, Rick

Paddle Club
As president of the Hoosier Canoe Club I have had quite a bit of experience over the years with the fits and starts of canoe club management. First, take a good look at the ACA PAC list on their web site. I don’t think many clubs remain because of their crummy insurance and the need to hold dual memberships. The PAC foolishness nearly killed the HCC several years ago. We have now settled on McKay Insurance Agency for our general liability insurance. Insurance is likely to be your biggest organizational challenge. After 25 years of association with and management of a large paddling club I say to hell with organization, develop a good web site, state clearly that you are a common adventure organization where everyone is responsible for their own actions, keep everything informal and just go paddling.

If however you want to head down this slippery slope PM me and I will send you our Constitution, By-Laws, Waiver, and Trip Sponsor’s Guide.

Forget the ACA

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They just want your money.

Besides you may regret what you are about to take on.


common adventure model
and forgo the rest of the rigamarole.

Paddle club
I tend to agree with keeping it simple, but if you want to go ACA, perhaps the ACA themselves has a pamphlet and info that you need in setting it up to their standards.

Where is the Hoosier Canoe Club
Hey fellow Hoosier! Where is the Hoosire Canoe Club located? I am somewhat new to the sport and Am interested in information.

I agree about

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forgetting the ACA. Take the money that you would waste on them and do something worthwhile with it. There are plenty of club officers around the country would would be more than happy to discuss what is being done and how their clubs are set up. Having been the chairperson of our local annual charity race several times, I can help you there too. You can contact me any time.

Hoosier Canoe Club
The Hoosier Canoe (and kayak) Club has been around since the early 60s. Most of the activity is based out of the Indy area but we have members from Evansville to Fort Wayne.

You can find information at

We have a very active contingent of whitewater paddlers as well as canoes, sea kayaks and recreational kayaks.

If you live in the Indy area we have an arrangement with Eagle Creek Park to paddle for FREE on Tuesday evenings.

Thanks To All
For all the information, challenges, and pitfalls :-0 we may be facing. As we move forward we will be contacting those who have offered to share their materials and adventures in this quest :-). Safe and fun paddling this fall. Rick Z, Washington NC