Origami Paddler is in receivership

We were one of the first to support Origami Paddler and ordered 2 of their SUP/SOT foldup things. We had to pay in advance to get the startup supposed deal. The first SUP showed up almost 2 years later in the middle of winter so we did not unpack it. The second showed up 6 months later. The first one was obviously a re-shipped used thing since hinge pins were installed. This is very bad because with the hinge pins installed the sections have nowhere to move and any bang on a corner will (surprise) break the hinge - which is exactly what happened. The second one was shipped correctly and was intact.
We called/emailed etc and have received no response. Their website is down.
We have not used the things because of the broken hinge, but also because they are very unwieldy. They don’t fit in the back of a BMW X3 without dropping the back seats. They are heavy with no simple grab points to safely lift them. Even a 30 yo friend who goes to the gym every day thought they were difficult to deal with. My wife can’t even get one off the ground. The provided strap is designed badly and unbalanced.
So, special offer to paddling.com members; pay for shipping and you can have them. Delivery available in southern NH.

I will come pick them up, I am in Massachusetts. Very interested. I have an OP, and haven’t had trouble with it, but have been reading about the troubles all over the web reviews etc. Meanwhile, mine works well, and I wish I had another or 2 to bring friends along.
Please let me know if you really are willing to part with yours. Thanks!

Update: Simonne722 came and picked up the 2 Origami Paddlers and was kind enough to offer some money for them. I didn’t ask for money, but didn’t say no either :grinning:
I’m just glad the boats have a good home. Now it’s time to get to work selling my loved Current Designs Caribou (no skeg), and a Sea Eagle 330 inflatable. 5 kayaks is (according to my wife) is too many.