Orion -Gulfstream

What did Hutchinson do different when he designed the CD Gulfstream hull from his origional P&H Orion that it was based upon or are they pretty much the same boat?

different boats
Gulfstream is bigger and more stable. Some folks prefer the Orion, some prefer the Gulfstream, no one seems to like the IceFloe.

You should be able to find either used at decent prices. If you’re looking for a used Gulfstream let me know, I have one I’m thinking about selling and I’m not too far from you.

Orions almost always…

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have ocean cockpits. When I bought my Orion (sight unseen) I was shocked and terrified about the tiny cockpit. In fact, the first time I paddled it I needed help getting out.
Within a short time, however, I learned how to ingress and egress gracefully and have come to LOVE ocean cockpits.
I sold my Orion a few years back and have pretty much regretted it ever since. It's a great design, and unless you're much over 220lbs or more that 6'2" it's a far better fit than the Gulfstream.


different hull
the orion is a bit lower volume and the volume is more around the paddler, has finer ends, makes it more stable in a steep close sea.