Oru Kayak at Minnewaska Lake, NY

Hi everyone, first time here. I just bought an Oru Haven II kayak, excited to make use of our new surroundings here in upstate New York. I took it to Minnewaska Lake yesterday, but was told that it needed certification similar to an inflatable for it to be allowed on the lake (the required certification includes ISO, CE, and various other acronyms).

I’ve contacted Oru, hopefully there’s a solve. But I wanted to know if anyone else has run into this issue elsewhere?

I found this tidbit at a vacation website: “All private boats must carry a Palisades Interstate Parks Commission boating permit and undergo a safety inspection.”

New York sure has lots of recreation laws and fees.

@Rookie is correct. You are in the Empire State. Paddling in the Pallisades Park region you will support the Empire (read with James Earl Jones voice).

If you show up to the park office with the kayak assembled, paddle, pfd and fee you should be able to get your sticker.

Minnewaska is a short paddle. Hoof it in to Lake Awosting. Bigger lake, more remote, just as pretty.