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Anyone have an OS Systems drysuit? I'm looking into ordering a custom suit and the Kokatat people are in busy season and not looking to take on custom work at this time. So I have been referred to OS Systems. I have made contact with their rep, however he is in NY and I am in PA...so most of my contact will probably be via email. He told me he will send me a DVD with HOW to take the 30 measurements I need for the custom suit. Looking for feedback for anyone who has a suit made by them and especially if anyone went through the custom sizing process! :) I guess what I'm saying is....is it worth $1000? THANKS! Also, warranty is only 2 years...that concerns me a little. Want to know how their customer service is, repairs....all of that!

What is the warranty for 2 yrs on?
If the warranty is for latex gaskets, those are imminently replaceable and rarely warrantied anyway. Neoprene gaskets may be a different story. If it is on zippers, not perfect but a bad one will likely tell you it has problem sooner than that.

If it is on the material… that’s a huge diff from Kokatat in warranty at least for the GoreTex suits, for a suit that appears to be the same price. You may want to think about this one, at the worst delay your entry on the water just this season to buy time to get to Kokatat in an easier time slot.


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It states '2 year limited warranty' and below is the only section that refers to the model suit i would get (Spirit) Looks like it's only on seams and workmanship. There was a sentance that mentioned the zippers, but referred to only honoring the manufacturerers warranty on them. They also do test the suits in water before they are sent out. A Kokatat rep referred me to them and he said he knows lots of people who use these suits and like them.

Warranty specs:
1. All HDPro, ULPro, SARR, NAUTILUS, MANTA, STREAM COUNT, STEALTH MAS, COAST GUARD EXPOSURE, STEALTH WADER, TRAVEL WADER, BREEZE, SPIRIT, SPLASH-B, PADDLING drysuits, jackets and waders are warranted against defects in workmanship and sewn seam construction for a period of two years.

Yes, gaskets are wear and tear...would not expect them to be covered. :)

Best to call them but…
the way I read that, it includes things like delamination of the material of the suit itself. A phone call and in person conversation is always better though.

Too busy?
Iam kinda curious, Kokatat actually said they were to busy to make you a custom suit? Wow there so busy they turn customers away? So one of kokatats regular suits wont fit you. There supposed to be baggy anyway. Seems rather low on warranty from OS. Kokatats lifetime on gortex suits.

Wonder what warranty is on NRS drysuits?

I was surprised too!
Unfortunately, I’m about 2" too large in the hips for the mens XXL suits. I’m all but 6’ so that puts me out of any women’s suits. Yeah, I was shocked about Kokatat’s reply as well…it was forwarded to me by the rep I was dealing with so I saw it with my own eyes. Too busy to sell another $1000 suit? Well, there are many retailers selling their suits so I guess if they are all hand sewn and they need to fill shelves of paying retailers, I guess that makes sense. But I did ask when would be a better time to request a custom suit as I thought I could make it through another season in my wetsuit if need be and I didn’t get an answer.

custom Kokatat from Kayak Academy

Could be a good option for you.

Didn’t try them, but
I worked with Alaska Kayak School. There was nothing he could do for me except refer me directly to Kokatat and he worked with both of us and I sent over detailed measurements and they sent me size charts and ultimately, there is nothing being made and available that would work for me unless they do it custom and they aren’t willing to do that (at this time), but not sure when would be a good time.

That was my thought too. Order a custom Kokatat suit from Kayak Academy. I think they’ll even send you a loaner suit that fits you, and you can use it until Kokatat makes the custom suit.

2-year warranty on that OS suit is too short for a $1000 garment. Kokatat makes a superior suit for slightly less money, and warrants the materials and workmanship for the life of the suit.


Kayak Academy?
Have you tried Kayak Academy? I just purchased a Large King that has XL “width” measurments but L “height” measurements. I ordered a 2012 color and they sent a rental suit for my use until my suit is made.

There was no charge for the use of the rental! Give then a shout.


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I don't know if they can help me either, since ultimately, it's Kokatat who makes the call if they can do a custom suit or not and I've already gotten their answer. If Kokatat has made anything that would fit me, I'm sure I would have been told and it wouldn't have been a big deal to make the suit. I think because they have to actually change the pattern is part of the problem. But yes, maybe I'll contact them just in case there is something in stock. And yes, the Kokatat person had me take the new for 2012 'GIRTH' measurement which I was under in the KING sized XXL according to the chart he sent me....from what I got out of him, my hips were the only issue. And their authorized retailer would have gladly sold me something if he could get something to fit me, so it's not like he didn't try. He referred me to OS Systems and he does not sell their suits.

contact Kayak Academy
I had a custom suit made through Kayak Academy and it works very well. I use mine about 100 days/year. Kokatat really stands behind their product. I have friends who have received a new suit after 5 years of 200 days/year wear because the old suit was not repairable.

Be prepared though, custom options were $70/ alteration when I had mine done which pushes the expedition suit up to the $1200 range.

Own a custom OS Systems suit

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I've had my custom made OS Systems suit for quite
a few years now without a problem of any kind.
Gaskets have been replaced a few times over the years.

I've used mine doing woody debris removals,
in the dead of winter and everything inbetween.
I have no problem giving them repeat business.

They've been around since the 1980's and obviously
are still in business so they must be doing something right.

Thanks for your review! That’s great to hear! It looks like they do alot of diving drysuits for military and stuff, so I would think they know their stuff.