Osagian 17', NO side sponsons

-- Last Updated: Oct-28-13 2:10 PM EST --

Looking to move from our Lil Missiourian Square Stern with built in side sponsons to a doubler ender with NO side sponsons and need advise.

Am I going to notice a huge difference in stablity? we often have a child or two, or both in the canoe with us or by myself.

The square stern was nice, but am looking to get something that is a bit easier to paddle and not haul the battery box/batter and motor around with us camping and do some paddling as opposed to trolling.

We like the maintanance free Aluminum for storage in our Canadian winters (stored outside, protected somewhat) and the durability of them.

I can pretty much make the swap/trade/repurchase and not take a hit in the final value (selling square sten for fair price and getting double ender at great price from authorized dealer).

In the end, it will be like we purcahed the Double Ender 17' Classic from day 1 at the Double Ender price, if that makes sense.

Any help as to stablity and other issues we may have with a Double Ender are apprecaited.

We are not canoe enthusiasts, just like to get out on the water with the kids (7 & 9) during our camping trips...

We started our kids in a canoe
with a markedly arched bottom, and never had a bit of trouble with stability. Even on Chattooga 3, we were never in a situation where sponsons would have been an asset.

I’ll bet your new Osagian double ender is going to be plenty stable. You’ll be happy with it. Osagian is one of those companies that couldn’t make a tippy canoe if they tried.