Oscoda 16

need info on this boat. Is it a Sawyer or the Oscoda brand? Has tractor type seats. Looks like a kevlar w/ fiberglass layup. Need info on weight, good on open water, how many lbs it will carry. Googled it and found nothing on Oscoda and it’s not listed in the Sawyer lineup. Here’s a link picture


Sport 16
"The Sport 16 is a classic pleasure canoe; easy to paddle, stable, maneuverable, dry in waves and efficient. It has more than enough capacity for weekend trips, and it runs so easily that any paddling is a pleasure." This is from a Sawyer catalog.

It is 16’ long, it has a 36" beam at the rails, a 33 1/4"

beam at the water line, a bow depth of 19", a midship depth of 13", weight in Duraglass is 70 lbs., and it has a Performance capacity of 600 lbs., and a max capacity of 708 lbs.


Many Thanks
just the info I needed

What now, Dave, a tandem?
To match your Oscoda solo? :wink:

Did you pull the trigger and buy it? Seems like a good deal.

Not yet
gone this weekend. gonna look at it next weekend if it’s still available. Want something to take the grandkids out in. Price seems nice also