Oscoda solo 13 load capacity

Might pick one of these up this week. Does anyone know the performance capacity? Hoping it can handle 280 lbs of me and gear.

Full disclosure: I’ve not paddled a Sawyer Oscoda and I can’t find a capacity spec that looks official.
However, one of the older reviews on this site says:
This boat has a max capacity of just over 200#, but I’ve gotten over 250# and it still handles nicely if I don’t get too active inside it. Oscoda Solo 13 Reviews - Sawyer Canoes | Buyers' Guide | Paddling.com
I always recommend trying before buying if possible, but it seems like a “must do” in this case.

I owned one at one time. Even the catalog doesn’t help with your question!

It has good capacity for it’s short length since it’s relatively wide. My max load with dog was around 250 and the boat handled it well but if you want it to handle over 300 you may be pushing your luck. It’s well made and handles great and moves through the water nicely and it’s stable so I think it’s worth trying if you can.

Thanks, Alice and Tom. I doubt I’ll be able to paddle it first. I was thinking is should do 250 based on the beam and length. I’m thinking all grab it and add it to my long list of boats for sale if it doesn’t work out.

Still looking for that unicorn that’s paddled this boat with 300 lbs and can comment on how it handled. =)

I’ll probably get made fun of for this question… Have you parked an old town pack? How did you feel the boats compare?

That’s the nice thing about good quality used canoes and kayaks … you can get all or most of your money back if it doesn’t fit in your fleet!

I haven’t paddled a Pack (or I can’t remember). I think you’re wise to grab the boat, it’s a sweet Dave Yost solo for $300!

I don’t remember it ever feeling burdened so my guess is you’ll be able to enjoy it at least with a light load.

Thanks for feedback. I think I’ll grab it and try it.

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From a catalog:
Oscoda Solo 13
NMMA Capacity = 350 lb
Performance Capacity = 275 lb.

NMMA is National Marine Mfg. Association certified safe capacity and closed cell foam
for that capacity for all of our [Sawyer] canoes.

Performance Capacity is load empirically determined that canoe can carry and still padde well.

Thanks, kanoniem.