OT: 303 for other gear?

Used my mask and snorkel more last week than I ever expected when I bought it several years ago. I kind of half expected it to fail due to age, but all the “rubberish” parts were still pliable. After unpacking it upon my return, I thought I should at least rinse it to knock off the salt water. I also use the mask when I go to the pool for rolling sessions. Salt and chlorine… should I hit it with 303?

And there’s my x-c ski boots. They have also have many years of age on them. Rossignol “Advantage” boots and they seem to be made of some “leatherish” material. But is anything really leather any more? I was pleased they were not cracked when I pulled them out to go play in our historic snowfall. 303 for them, too?

And my house has vinyl siding. Nevermind, I’m not going there!


I’ve used it as a sunscreen in
emergencies. As I recall, they also have a fabric protectant, but I think 303 would be OK for real or artificial leather.