OT. Adequate response to a quality issue.

OT, because it was ammunition, not a boat. I found a damaged bullet in a new box of Winchester ammo. It probably would have jammed the gun.
I contacted Winchester and they paid to have it returned which gets interesting for live ammo.
I had forgotten the incident but today got a check for $30. Not bad for something that probably cost them a few cents to manufacture.
Adequate because they wouldn’t tell me what caused the problem.
Apparently I have too much time on my hands.

I will have to try that next time.

Last box of Privi Partizan (PPU) 9mm 115 grain I bought had a round missing the primer. I wonder how many Serbian Dinars I could have gotten back from PPU?

Winchester was just announced as the contract winner to provide 9mm FMJ and JHP ammo to the US Army to use in the new SIG P320 M17 pistols. Perhaps they are feeling flush and magnanimous right at present.

I have seen photos of non-remanufacured commercial ammunition that had rounds with chunks of brass missing from the case mouth, up by the crimp. I have heard of quality control issues with nearly every commercial ammunition maker by now.

Bottom line: examine your cartridges as you load your magazine.

@String said:
Apparently I have too much time on my hands.

–Not necessarily had you not notice the bullet, loaded it and test fired. :wink:

I doubt I would have received the same resolution from the Russian ammo I have used.

Does “OT” mean something else besides “Old Town” on this forum? I may have just made a fool of myself… seen it used for Old Town on other forums, but I am new to the online side of the community when it comes to paddling.

OT in Internet slang = Off Topic.