OT, advice on tripod

Looking for advise on a tripod for a Canon Powershot SX10is. Not a big DSLR but does have telephoto zoom. Weighs a little over a lb. Stability is important, but I will be using it while on paddle trips and hiking, so weight is somewhat a factor.




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Been very happy with the size, weight, and stability of my little Slik Sprint tripod. Had it for a few years now and carry it when hiking with a P&S and sometimes even a DSLR to get a few extra stops.

Adjustable leg angles and two piece center shaft (unscrew lower half to get the tripod lower) let it get really low. It comes with the general compromises you get with all small, light, cheap tripods but it beats every other small tripod I've looked at. It's got pretty good height too.

My real tripod is a Carbon Gitzo and there's no comparison in stability; but there's also no comparison in price and size. You won't be disappointed with the Slik.



Light weight tripod
If you get a lightweight tripod, and are worried about stability, or having it blow over in a trong wind, you can stablize it by adding weight. put some rocks or other heavy thing in a stuff sack, hang it from the tripod betewwn the legs. Set it so it just touched the ground to keep it from swaying, and shaking the tirpod.

I thought it was gimmicky at first, but it actually works well! Bonus: I can mount it on the deck of my kayak in seconds with the deck rigging (I’m using a waterproof Olympus 720 SW). Perfect for kayaking/hiking.


They’re light, cheap, versatile, and practically indestructible because they bend all over.


So what if it costs 3x more than your camera. It’s carbon fiber and stainless steel, only weighs 5 lbs and it rocks.

Just joking.

http://bit.ly/10mvkA - Manfrotto 785SHB

I have one of those… It’s lightweight but very stable and folds down to a compact size.



If you want small
Try the Ultrapod II

I really like my Giottos RT 8000 that the kids gave me for Christmas. Wish I’d had it when we went to Europe in '06.


Very handy for travel. I use a Slik for my SLR, but Gorillapod on trips.