OT Angler Pack Canoe

Got a used OT Pack and thinking about getting the Angler Pack Seat as a replacement.

Help me decide?

  1. Do you think the seat is worth $110?

  2. Do you know if the Seat Kit includes the thwarts)?

  3. How far off the bottom does the bottom of the seat go [about how much gap from seat to floor]?


I don’t think the Angler seat is worth that. What I would do is two things…get a new bench seat and move it farther forward to where the front edge of the seat is just about at the center of the canoe. Then get a Sit-backer for a back rest. I owned a Pack for a long time, and when I moved the seat forward, the canoe’s initial stability improved and so did the tracking ability. The Pack, being a very short, wide canoe, is difficult enough to keep going straight, but with the seat placement where it is coming from the factory, every paddle stroke turns the canoe radically unless you do serious corrective strokes. As for the Angler seat vs. getting your own Sit-backer or something similar…looks like you’d be limited to placing the Angler seat in the same too-far-back position. And I doubt that it’s SO comfortable that you couldn’t do just as well with some kind of after-market seat back.

Angler Seat
The Pack came an old cane seat which I lowered and paddled with a kayak paddle for a few months. No problem with control. The cane seat broke through this weekend.

Decision is to replace with wooden web seat for $35 OR Pack Angler seat for $100 which comes with a seat back and appears to have a bigger butt area.

Anybody out there that has used the Pack Angler seat?

Al_A Gave you the best advice. Check the reviews on this site. The OT Pack is the most reviewed canoe and 99% of reviewers hate the angler seat.

Keep the open side up :~)

kayak paddle…
Yes, if you use a double bladed paddle, the tracking issues with the Pack are somewhat negated, but even usi using the kayak paddle, you’ll find the boat is a little faster if you move the seat forward, and the initial stability improves a lot. I’ve always heard people complain about the Pack being pretty wobbly, but when I moved the seat up in mine I didn’t experience that at all. And since you should probably get a new bench webbed seat anyway, might as well try placing it as I suggested…if it doesn’t work for you it can always be moved back to where the factory position is.

$.01 alternative = comfy WW pedestal
…Just draw yourself a ww pedestal, trace then cut two(to three?) copies and glue together…then shave & sand to fit…? Just get it high enough so as to comfortably rest knees on foam pads at whatever height works for you & the canoe. Add on some width at the base and it’ll rest pretty well on the floor.

Just an alternative…