OT: Bird ID needed...

This little woodpecker really works over our palm trees. About 8" and I can’t find this one with the small red cap on the net. Thanks… GH


according to Sibley
It looks like a Ladder-backed Woodpecker.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
It has some characteristics of a female and some of a male. I would guess juvenile male.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

milermor bird
That’s a red headed Milermor bird. You can always tell because they stick their head in a tree and whistle through their butt, and you can hear them for a mile or more.

That’s the way I heard it. LJB.

I always thought it was a joke…
It sure looks and matches the description of the Yellow bellied sapsucker…

A BIG thanks… GH

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Was watching one on a hike yesterday. It was trying to keep titmice (a smaller bird) from stealing its insects.

Hairy woodpecker
Get lots of them at my suet feeder.



What Would You Get…

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If you crossed a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker with a titmouse? Or a gamecock?

Look for the holes in your palm tree
I can’t find a really good picture of sapsucker holes on a quick google search, but this isn’t a bad example. They generally will ring a tree in even rows and are small, like a drill bit might make.


L Like This?
They have been busy little birds.


Good example - LOL - NM

Tis the yellow bellied sapsucker…
"Unlike other woodpeckers, sapsuckers have brushlike tongues, not barbed ones and cannot extract wood boring insects from a tree. Instead, they drill neat rows of holes (primarily in birches and orchard trees), remove the nutritious inner bark, and later eat the sap that has run out, as well as the insects trapped in it.