OT: Cut and Paste in Windows IE

Anyone have a solution to this issue, and I will be forever indebted to you.

I like to cut and paste links, et ectera. But cut and paste seems to only “hold” one item at a time. I use IE, and the tabs at the top are great for opening multiple websites simultaneously, but I wish often that I had more cut and pastes… like holding a few things/links at a time. Any ideas? Does this make sense? Any add ons or downloads to accomplish this?

Also a related topic, I type in my email more than anything else. Any way to have a stored paste in memory so need not type it in but just click and paste? Thanks in advance.

What you’re looking for…
…is generally referred to as a “clipboard manager” or “clip manager”. If you search on the web or a download service such as Tucows (www.tucows.com), you should find several, including some that are free.

Low Tech
Wasn’t aware of that, but a low tech approach would be to just open a blank Word document. Cut and paste on it as needed. Heck, even save it if you want… :slight_smile:

Here’s one that I like…


I’ve been using this one for a long time, and I’ve been very happy with it.


Dats wat ah’ do…
Good ol’ WordPad.


bnystrom and watersprite. I could kiss

I wish thorn was free, buy I’m trying demo.

someone must have a freebie clipboard. Thanks

just open a notepad. Paste everything you want there. When you want it all… go copy that and bring it in…

Here’s a freeware clip manager
Clip Guru:


I haven’t used it, but it does look quite good. There are more free ones, so if this one isn’t interesting to you, there may be others you’d prefer.



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Here's some more, I see, too.

I think that clipguru looks like a winner, though, watersprite. Danka.

Cut & Paste
Intrigued by your question (and bored at work), I did a little experimenting.

I’m using Windows XP, but yours should work the same.

You can cut and paste this way:

In whatever source of information you are using, Highlight what you want to copy, then hit “Control C”.

Highlight the next area and hit “Control C”.

Highlight additional information, then “Ctrl C”. This gets added to the clipboard too.

Open a new page in Microsoft Word.

If you hit “Ctrl V”, you will paste only the last thing copied, but if you go to the menu at the top of the page (Edit / Office Clipboard), you will see everything you copied. At this time, you can pick any or all of the info to copy to the new page.

Forgive my ignorance,
i’ve never really cut and pasted before.

I have windows XP, so:

  1. I highlight what i want to cut,

  2. then push Ctrl C.

  3. Then go to where i want to paste and push control V.

    –Is this corect?

Your first steps are correct
1) I highlight what i want to cut,

2) then push Ctrl C.

3) Then go to where i want to paste and

4)In a Word document Click on Edit at the top near the file menu. This opens the Edit menu drop down.

6)Now look for the Office Clipboard item in the Edit menu. If you cannot see it in the list, click the down arrow at the bottm of the Edit menu.

7) Click Office Clipboard


This worked on Office (Word) 2003. I am not sure about other versions of Word. Do a search in help for “Office Clipboard” to get more details.


Love the ideas.

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But after using clip guru, why is opening WOrd and cutting and psting there better. The freeware seems to let me do it with the program riunning in the backgroun, then stores some things permanently if I want (such as passwords or things I type in often, like my email). So, although I too could cut and paste in Word or Notepad, I fail to see the utility.

School me.

It’s not that it is better
but it is another choice.

If you like the clip guru’s features better and trust that it will not introduce pop-ups or a virus then by all means use it.