OT Deck Plate Replacement

I recently bought an excellent condition OT Allagash 164 canoe. It’s a 2003 model, later renamed as the Penobscot 164. I’m all done reconditioning it and am about to replace the brass bow OT deck plate. I drilled out the 2 rivets holding it in place. One almost fell out from corrosion. Any suggestions on re-riveting the new plate on that OT sent me? Proper rivet size? Are 3/16 rivets overkill? Do you know what size OT used at the factory? Thanks in advance!

Whatever size the hole calls for. I’d measure and go from there.

I am about to replace the foam in my 75 OT Carelton and need to replace the deck rivets as well. I believe they are 1/8, but I’ll have to see how it goes drilling them out.

When replacing with new, you are usually best to drill entirely new holes

Don’t quote me on this, but I think those deck rivets might be 3/16". I was digging around the internet last night and ran across info on replacing the decks and even kits for sale (w/ rivets). I’ll see if I can find that again and post here. That said, you’ll want to drill new holes and rivet in to them for the best, most secure fit. So, you can go with what you have, as long as they’re long enough. I’d think that 3/16’ would be more sturdy, given that those rivets need to support 1/2 the canoe’s weigh when carrying it by the integrated deck handles.

Not sure if this is the correct deck for your OT (they make several different ones), but here’s the link which mentions “14 ea. AA116D Rivets”. Not sure what size they are, though…

I’m reusing the old decks. My decks and gunwales are white vinyl, which they don’t make anymore. The decks are in OK shape, but the gunwales really need to be replaced. Once I drill out the rivets on one of the decks, I’ll measure for the new ones

I’m doing the foam this fall and likely passing the canoe over to a friend in the spring once I get a new one. Just trying to decide on what to get.

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One end down and the other is about halfway there.

My OT uses 3/16 diameter by 1/4 long rivets and on the first side, I was able to reuse all holes. One got a little messed up on the deck, but the new rivet appears to be holding OK.

I’m using basic Arrow rivets purchased at Home Depot/Lowe’s and a simple, manual rivet gun.

Nice. It’s a bigger job than one might think due to those pieces being long and awkward. clamps – lots of them – help. i replaced the rub rail on my 13’ Boston Whaler last year. Took me and a buddy, lots of clamps, and a 12-pack of beer.

I got my new brass deck plate riveted on easily. Makes a world of difference in appearance. For a 17 year old boat, she looks great now.

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Refurb completed, loaded up, and ready for her next adventure…


Lol. I completely misinterpreted what you were replacing. I was talking about the entire deck, not just the name plate

Yup. Just the brass deck plate. That’s the term OT uses, from when I ordered it from them. By the way, if you ever have to replace one, they’re 1/8" rivets. LOL.