OT Dirigo 140xt or Perception Carolina14

-- Last Updated: Mar-16-12 5:15 AM EST --

I was Wondering someone had an opinion on which kayak would be more suited for LARGE paddler(275lbs) and which kayak you would prefer, the OT dirigo 140 or the Perception Carolina 14.I am planning to use it for touring lakes and up to class 2 whitewater. I am hoping to go to Old Forge Ny this year for the paddlefest in May to buy one.

I have a Carolina
And have not paddled the Dirigo, so I can’t comment on the comparison. But I do enjoy paddling my Carolina. I have no trouble staying with faster touring boats like QCCs as long as they’re not getting up to race speeds. I weigh 275 and my six pack has long since turned into a beer keg, but the Carolina still fits like a glove. I can roll in it no problem. The only difficulty I have is getting in & out and sitting in it for more than 3-4 hours at a time (feet & legs go to sleep). I have to pull my legs up and squeeze them into the cockpit one at time with help from my hands. That said, I don’t have any problems popping my spray skirt for an underwater wet exit. I just have to take it slow at the put in and take out.