OT Discovery 119 - Seat

Recently purchased a Old Town Discovery 119. Love the canoe, but don’t like the seat back, as it is very hard and will not adjust back enough to be comfortable. Primary use is fishing on calm lakes/ponds. Are there any replacement seats that will adapt to the existing brackets?

This is just me…
But your boat is the same as the Old Town Pack, but in crosslink3 instead of royalex. Try swapping to a seat like the pack has. It doesn’t look comfortable, and it appears to high…but it’s actually a nice design. I use mine almost like a kneeling thwart, with my legs underneath the seat and the back of my butt rests on the seat. It provides comfort, and lowers your body giving very nice stability. Also, unlike the seat you have, it allows a few different positions so you can switch around if you get uncomfortable. When I’m paddling and fishing I usually am kneeling but when fishing a while i can switch and use it as a regular seat. Might be worth a try…I dont even think you’ll need to drill holes (could be wrong on that) I think the spacing on the wood seat from a Pack will go into the hole combo already in your boat, but it will leave one hole open as I think your seat bracket has 3 holes per side in the gunwhale instead of the standard 2 hole setup.