OT Discovery 158 vs MR Explorer 14

I am planning to buy a canoe and I am considering either an Olt Town Discovery 158 or a Mad River Explorer 14.

Which would be the best buy?

Thanks in advance,

Luis marques

The Old Town is a foot longer and
roughly an inch narrower, which would get the nod from me. But both are heavy for their size and not nearly as good as some longer canoes the companies offer, such as the MR Explorer 15 in Royalex or the Old Town Penobscot 16, also Royalex which they call Oltonar.

I know it’s a matter of price. But waiting and saving could get you a canoe you’ll be happy with much longer.

OT 158
I’ve paddled, poled and sailed my OT for the past 10+ years and think it’s a pig of a boat, very hogged backed, heavy as iron on a portage but it is one tough boat. If you can get past the weight look at the way it handles. For the applications of poling and WW it turns on a dime due to the flat bottom of the canoe. I have found that the 2" less of hull helps, me anyway, with managing in most waters. In flatwater expect to work hard. IMO not the best boat but I’ve taken it more places it shouldn’t be but is and have come out still breathing.