OT Discovery 158 vs. OT Guide 147

Hi everybody, I’m New!

I am interested in both of these models. Which would be better for my purposes?

It will used primarily tandem.

It will be used with a motor 25% of the time.

It will be used mostly on lakes but some rivers but not whitewater.

It needs to be tough and take a beating.

I am leaning towards the 158 but think that it is discontinued. Is that true?

Help me make a good decision. I already have an old 18 footer that does not get used. It was homebuilt and I bought it for $50 in a garage sale with holes in it. Fixed it with fiberglass and it now weighs 150+ pounds. It is tough as nails but a pain to move.


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The 158 was formerly "Discovery" now "Kineo," not discontinued as far as I know, just renamed. The ABS is heavy, but very durable.

Don't know much about motors or the Guide etc., so I won't compare the two boats.


p.s. I don't know, but I'd guess that Superlink and Polylink are the same ol' ABS sandwich, especially with the same weight. If they've changed the structure, you should be able to read about on Old Town's website? I'd assume it's the same.

Superlink3 vs Polylink3
Thanks for the headsup on the Kineo.

I notice that the Discovery 158 was made in Superlink3 and that the Kineo 158 is made in Polylink3.

Which is better durability wise. They are both listed as 80lbs.

super poly fragilistic link 3
Its all the same good heavy tough stuff that milk jugs are made from.

Check this out

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Did you see this thread on this same forum?


Old Town polylink, crosslink, or whatever it is, is prone to distortion. Discovery boats are common in canoe liveries, and when you look at their fleets on the storage racks, you can almost get seasick looking at all the "waves". These boats are, however, very very durable. I'm not sure, but the Old Town Guide is generally much better-liked by people on this board, and because of that I think it might be made from Royalex (which holds its shape pretty well, but is a bit less durable (though still plenty tough)). It's probably possible to find out on Old Town's website.

Update: I might have made a mistake. I'm not so sure about the Guide now. I might have been thinking of the Old Town Penobscot. People tend to like that one pretty well.

Never owned a Disco 158 but I have owned a Guide 147 and presently own a Penobscot. The Discos aren’t made anymore as the post above idicates. The Guide 147 is a decent boat for not a lot of cash. Good stability, tough as nails, should handle a trolling motor ok. Pretty heavy though at 75 lbs. The Penobscot is double the price of the Guide, but paddles easier, tracks better, and lighter weight.

Old Town
I had a Discovery 158 good boat but there are better. I am an Old Town fan myself why don’t you check out the Allagash $699, $775 Charles River, both very nice boats, both are Poly Link. I was looking at the Charles River myself.

Regards Tony

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The Guide 147 - short wide recreational canoe. Very stable, good fishing platform, rather slow, oil cans a bit, but a pretty good canoe for the money.

The Disco 158 - a more versitile boat, stiffer, a little faster, stable, a little more $ tho not much. And a lot better in moving water.

The Ojibway is based on the same hull as the disco 158 but its not a traditional canoe and I would stay away from it. It doesn't have your standard guns, moving seats aroung is pretty much impossible, etc.

The difference between poly and superlink is that super is going to be stiffer and more abrasion resistant. Polylink tends to bend more and scratch more easily.