OT-dishwasher repair

Could not find an answer in my repair book.

Somewhere in the unit is a fan or impeller that pushes air to dry the dishes. When it runs,it rattles like crazy. It sounds like it is in the door,but I just took the door apart - no fan.

Suggestions please.

Put it on the curb
And bring the little lady to the sink and show her how to run water and put soap in there.

I am just sayin…

it’s under the machine
You have to remove the front kick plate on most machines to see it, it’ll be in a small metal box with the heater element.

you may just want to pull the whole thing out to get to it.

Good luck.

Thanks loeb1. I was afraid of that.

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It will have to do worse than rattle to kick it to the curb.Washes great.
Bring the little lady to the sink...... Why, so she can drown me in it?

I found the best way
to deal with it, is just do the dishes myself. I always know she won’t shoot me in the back when I am doing dishes.

there is a site ,“Just ask” (I think?) that gave me enough info to fix my old Maytag washing machine… lot of great info out here on the web once you get past bicker and banter…

Enjoy Florida, but if the gators get you can I have Malecite and voyager?

If you can talk my wife out of them.
If you can find her at the party.