OT Email scam re canoe....

The “Classified Ads” section of pnet has been very useful over the years-I’ve bought and sold through it and met some nice paddlers. HOWEVER, I just got one of those notorious scam Emails in broken English, offering me an inflated price for my canoe if I’d send them some money-details not important. In order to discourage this parasite from using pnet, I’d like to do the appropriate thing. Isn’t there an agency that tracks or deals with these? Or do I just respond to the sender with my heartfelt feelings?

Nothing you can do will work
An old friend had a saying, “you can’t wash a turd” One of the downsides of the internet are scumbags like that. I’ve received 3 offers to get millions in african oil money this week. All I have to do is give them my banking info. YA RIGHT!! Forget the whole thing and go paddle your Wenonah in stead. How’s the spray deck project going?

I always thought …
… that working on an offshore oil rig or a tuna boat were commonly listed as the world’s most dangerous job. But judging by the contents of my e-mail inbox, I suspect that honor now goes to the Nigerian Chairman of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources. Those unfortunate guys are apparently dying in fiery car wrecks or being gunned down by their backstabbing partners every week or so!

Oh well, they’re usually worth about “35.2 millions USD”, and it’s usually a pretty simple matter for me to “enter into discreet business freindship” to help their unfortunate survivors get the money, and pocket a few cool millions for myself to boot!

Here’s a guy who enjoys jerking the jerks:


The spray deck quote I got…
…from the local awning shop was $400, which I believe is more than Cooke used to charge for a more

elaborate setup, so I’m going to dicker with a handy friend with a sewing machine. I’ll keep you posted.

My last two cost less than $50 total

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I don't keep any records but I know the velcro was $15 since I bought a new unopened box. 12 yds. of material at about $3/yd at the local discount outlet. Sometimes they have what I want and sometimes they don't but the price is right when it is there. You could do one boat for under $75 ordering from www.seattlefabrics.com .

do not rrespond
unless you want to get tons of trash in your e-mail just send ti to brent or just let it go.