OT Guide 147

Anyone know if you can get different seats for this boat? Thanks

You mean order it with different seats,
or change them now that you’ve got the boat? One source with a variety of seats is piragis.com. You may need some hollow dowels, stainless screws, etc., to get the height where you want it.

I have the boat, I was just thinking about wanting some different seats. Wasnt sure if it was possible or not. Thanks

They are gunnel hung seats. You can change them.

but how do I know which will fit?

If you buy OT factory
or most aftermarket seats, you just have to cut them to fit. The hole spacings should all be pretty close. If your boat came with the plastic seats, you will need to pick up or make hanging hardware to adjust the seat height.

OK, pretty easy
Measure across the gunnels where you want the seats and make sure the new seats have thwarts that are wider. You cut them down to fit. Just make sure to cut the same amount off of each side so the seat remains centered.

Using seat drops you can adjust how far down in the boat you want them.

Also, try adding a seat
I didn’t replace the original seats, but I did add a drop-down ash/woven fabric seat in the middle (replacing the yoke). This canoe seats 3 very comfortably!

add a middles seat and …
you’ve just made a great rowboat!