OT Guide147 vs RR14 which would you pic

or not pic. If you need to know the price diff. is $130.

What’s a RR14…?

– Last Updated: Oct-04-05 9:50 AM EST –

I test drove a OT 147 the other day solo in a 5 mph wind and did not like it at all...looking at the Penobscot 16 as my next purchase...

Rogue River
found in big box stores.

Between the two, I’d probably pick the Old Town.

If nothing else, it would have a better resale value from its name recognition. It looks like a nice enough boat. Hard to find info on the RR, but seems like I recall reading something about them being heavier than the Old Towns of similar length.

A better answer would be to test paddle both boats and pick the one YOU like best, but not sure if you could find a store that would let you test paddle a Rogue River.

I wouldn’t buy either one as they’re both poly boats. You won’t be putting down any d-rings or knee pads because there’s not a reliable method for securing them. Spend the same amount of money on a used rx boat and I think you’ll be much happier.


If those were the choices
I would pick the Old Town. I started solo paddling the 147 Disco. Heavy, but it wasn’t terrible on the river. I did have to work fairly hard to keep up with the other boats.

If those were my choices the OT 147. That was one of my first canoes. You could not destroy the thing. It paddles pretty well tandem, solo not so good. Heavy, but all around not a bad canoe.