OT, hiking forum recommendations

I find I am enjoying hiking in the winter months more and more when it’s too windy etc for paddling. I’d like some recommendations for hiking forums please.



Hey! Backpackinglight.com!

How about
http://www.texashiking.com/ (seems pretty dead) and www.hikingforums.net

I doubt that www.viewsfromthetop.com or www.adkforum.com would be very pertinent for you. However both are lively with seasoned hikers to answer questions.

I do use BPL.

Yes Kim, the Texas site is pretty dead. I’ve used it a little. I think the others you shared might be good for info which is mostly what I’m after. I finally got the issues resolved on my login for BigBendChat, so that will help a lot as well.



the magazine - just google for backpacker magazine forums - lots there, and not just for the ultralight crowd. I also look at the backpackinglight forum and

backcountryforum.com (or backpacingforum.net - same place)for gear info. backpackgeartest.org and trailspace.com for gear reviews - don’t use them much for the forums.

Check your local Meetup hiking groups
There are a jillion of them in the Denver-Boulder area. Don’t know how popular hiking is in your region, though. While these are not advice forums, if you wish to hike with a group you will probably learn of places you didn’t know about.

Backpacker Magazine is providing online maps and other info that they list in each issue. However, because they cover such a huge area (the entire U.S.), this might not be what you’re seeking. Also, as befits the title, many of the hikes are too long for dayhikes.

Louisiana Hiking Club

– Last Updated: Dec-02-09 1:30 AM EST –

Have you checked out the Louisiana Hiking Club website: www.hikelouisiana.org (which includes a link to the club Yahoo group)? The majority of members are in south Louisiana, but there are a few in north Louisiana and a few from other states. Most of the exchange occurs on the club's Yahoo group. Many of the hiking club members are also paddlers, so sometimes there is some cross-posting of activities.

The main focus is on the Appalachian Trail. Other trails are covered along with a variety of topics of interest to hikers.



AT hiking logs.

root around in here:

A few



What do you want to learn from these hiking form??? Maybe someone from here can help you too.

Since the original post was 11 years ago I doubt they are still seeking information. But nice of you to want to help out.

This happens sometimes on this forum – there will be a sudden shift that brings a lot of very old archived post strings to life: “zombie threads”. After a while we learn to check the last post date before responding.