OT. Increasing bandwidth.

Just signed up for Netflix. Played very poorly. The screen said we don’t have enough bandwidth for streaming.

How is that fixed?

String, the Neanderthal.

Several ways
Your service could be too slow, depends how you get your internet (cable, DSL, etc). Not everyone can get fast enough service.

Your service could be fast enough, but if you use a router to access it around the house, the router could be too slow. A faster router is not too expensive.

You could opt for receiving DVDs by mail instead of streaming. This is the dinosaur (i.e. my) option, but the selection of available titles is MUCH greater. Except they usually restrict the newest releases to the streaming service, so no most recent season of show X.

what Cardelo said
Keep us posted, hope it works out. I’m so glad I cut the cord.



what service

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Who is your internet service provider? DSL is over a standard copper phone wire. I was on DSL years ago and got Verizon to come out and try switching me to other lines until he got better bandwidth. Cable such as Time warner is over a coax cable. Verizon Fiber optic FIOS is over a fiber Optic cable. DSL is the slowest option and may or may not be fast enough. Unless you have satellite internet for those out in the sticks.

Find out what your on first. Plus ask what speed your paying for. There are different speeds depending on how much you pay BUT if your on either Coax cable or Fiber even the slowest speed should be plenty. My guess your on DSL and its not performing near the rated speed. That may be possible to fix.

Try this speed test and let us know what you get

I get 24.57 Mbps down and 15.89 Mbps up iam on FIOS slowest speed offered.

Maybe your router is poorly placed or just too far from the device you’re using to watch Netflix. When I first got Netlix, it worked fine on the smart TV in my living room, but not on the one in the bedroom. I got a signal booster that plugs into the wall and it works great.

Good luck with yours.